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White Gradient

We offer Professional Services for Kubernetes and Cloud-Native technology. We know what it takes to get your technology stack to the next level. With our consulting and support services you can count on senior engineers with enterprise-level experience.

If you are interested in support, consulting, migrations or implementation, feel free to contact us for more details, packages and pricing.


Kubernetes Consulting

Do you need technical expertise? Or an extra pair of hands on-demand? We offer consulting packages for Kubernetes and Cloud Native technology.

  • Architectural sparring sessions

  • Kubernetes road-mapping

  • Microservices implementations

Kubernetes support

We offer enterprise-level support packages that cover your entire Kubernetes stack, including your Kubernetes Cloud configuration. We offer:

  • Slack channel for questions, email and phone

  • Business hours SLA with response-time

  • Tier 2 and 3 Technical support

Implementation & migration

Are you thinking of migrating your platform to Cloud Native, and plan on using Kubernetes? We offer our services to help you with implementation and migration:

  • Kubernetes and containerization platforms

  • Cloud and Kubernetes Migrations

  • Application modernization (containers & microservices) 

Life Cycle Management

Did you know Kubernetes releases at least 3 major versions a year? And that most Kubernetes stacks have between 10-50 different tools & applications that need regular (security) upgrades? We offer LCM packges, so you won't have to worry about this. 

  • Security updates

  • Regular version updates

Platform Assessments

We offer assessments to give you insight in your platform and future strategy. We will discuss your architecture and setup with your engineers and architects. You will receive an overview of the most important improvements which are actionable and practical. Areas of Assessments include:

  • DevOps maturity

  • Cloud Native architecture assessment

  • Containerization / Kubernetes platform assessment

  • Security assessment

DevOps Implementation

Are you implementing DevOps, but need technical guidance & skills to implement the right tools and pipelines for automation? We've got you covered!

  • CI / CD Pipeline implementation & integration

  • Security best-practices 

  • Automated testing

  • GitOps deployments

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