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Meet the Team

Pionative is a company in the Netherlands that specializes in Kubernetes. We love open-source and open standards. Our team has minimal management overhead as both founders are technical engineers. Drop us a message and let's drink a cup of coffee!


Hijmen Fokker

Founder of Pionative with a lot of experience in Consultancy and Cloud-Native architecture. Hijmen focuses on technical strategy, Kubernetes architecture and DevOps processes.

DevOps & Kubernetes Engineer

Mike Vink

Engineer, coder and automation guru with experience in DevOps, Kubernetes and Cloud-Native technology. Mike likes to dig deep and understand computing from the ground-up.


Pieter van der Giessen

Founder of Pionative with a technical background in Cloud, Platform Engineering and Kubernetes. He (CKS, CISSP and CCSP certified) obviously likes to implement enterprise-grade security.

Senior Kubernetes Engineer

Andres Hamed Fernandez

Technical veteran with 20+ years of experience in Unix infrastructure, Kubernetes, DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering. Andres keeps Kubernetes healthy and fixes issues before our clients even notice it.

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