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White Gradient

Increase your skills to get a better understanding of the Cloud-Native landscape, but also get some hands-on experience. Let us give you the foundational knowledge and practice you need for your Cloud Native environment!

The trainers are field experts and use Kubernetes on a daily basis. All trainings are interactive and start with some theory and discussion, followed by a hands-on workshop. More trainings will be added over time! Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific training needs.

Kubernetes Dashboard

Kubernetes introduction

Kubernetes is the biggest and most-used container orchestration technology. It brings lots of benefits that make the life of developers easier.

This Kubernetes training series consists of 3 trainings. You will learn about containerization, Kubernetes architecture and components, deployment strategies, yaml configuration, and more. After the series, you will have the foundational knowledge and practice for using containerization and Kubernetes.

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